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A spirit brand that really fits today’s mentality; no bullshit! Breaking the rules by bringing smart design that sets you apart from the rest.
Sorry for being thát bold.

Meet our daredevils; Shivoo, J&B, Schelvis Pekel and De Eeuwige Jeugd.


The unexpected cocktail

Shivoo  – Australian slang for ‘let’s have a party’ – is a new kid on the  block in what is traditionally a rather stiff and upscale category of  cocktails. Time to shake things up a bit!

We wanted to create a Shivoo moment, a bit of pocket luxury. The new single serve packaging concept we designed for Shivoo (pre-mixed)cocktails is proof of just that. 

What did we do?

Diageo | J&B

Applying culinary identity
from food to drinks

Reinvigorating scotch blend through consumers experimenting with mixes. Imagine it comes from a brand that has unorthodox, defying and unconventional in its DNA while being simple (not subtle) at heart. If this wasn’t enough – J&B had a rocking-it-all ambition: take the whisky away from the moody highlands, velvet salons and gentlemen with cigars and …. make it accessible to everyone.

What do we say to such a challenge? We say: serves, soldier up!

We’ve mixed, blended and smoothed things up ending up… cooking an approach that was truly worth an unorthodox brand.

How? We transplanted a food culinary DNA into a J&B unconventional heart.

What did we do?

Schelvis Pekel

Holland's best curated secret in a pickle

The origin of Haddock Brine lies in the 17th century when fishermen from Vlaardingen (South Holland) made their own drink on board in the North Sea. They had traded the Haddock with the spices from the VOC ships returning from the East Indies.

Where does the name “Schelvis Pekel” come from? It tastes neither of fish nor of salt. When fishermen returned to shore after fishing in the North Sea, they were greeted by their wives. They wondered why their husbands so often walked down on their cutter. So as not to arouse suspicion, the fishermen said, “the Haddock is in the brine”! And so, for centuries, the fishermen could continue to stew and drink their own Haddock brine on their cutters undisturbed.

Together with H van Toor & Jzn in Vlaardingen Distillery we worked on a limited edition of Schelvis Pekel. Our goal was to glorify the forgotten spirit – not only out of its genuine character but also out of the hardship of its roots in a modernized, super premium version.

What did we do?

De Eeuwige Jeugd

The eternal youth is on the inside,
so get out what's inside.

Staying young forever, is where they have been obsessed with. But they still haven’t uncovered the secret. It’s not in a fountain or in a medicine man’s elixir, and it’s certainly not in a parsnip-sprouts smoothie.

You know what it is? We don’t stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing. The fact that you get older is a given. How young you stay is a choice.

This project was all about making the best aspects even better. Linking the brand with the character and solidifying the uniqueness was the main goal.

Unity has been brought to the whole line and the characters have been optimized so that they have more shelf impact. In addition, the hierarchy on the bottle was examined and optimized. For this purpose, a pedestal was added to the illustration. In this way, there is clarity in the verianton distinction.

What did we do?

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