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Agri-, horti- and food – as a brand

The Dutch agri-, horti- and food industry plays a leading role in the world. Whether it’s greenhouse innovation, flowers and plants export, dairy products or livestock farming. They have always been a pioneer in horti- and agricultural innovation. From seed production to global greenhouse innovation, the Dutch have the know-how and the technology to produce the food solutions of tomorrow.

But there are also challenges; further scale-up, digitalization, production innovation and internationalization is needed to keep this leading position. Branding is an essential step in this journey as a sharp positioning and clear brand profile is needed in order to stay relevant for tomorrow. We can help you build a strong brand in the marketplace. Based on a firm strategy, attractive proposition and distinctive brand design we can help you make the difference.

Let’s grow your business.

Have a look at some of our credentials.

"Building Europe's first premium tomato brand"

How do you market tomatoes when all tomatoes basically look the same and only vary in size and price? You build Europe’s first tomato brand!

The new corporate identity of Looye Kwekers became an umbrella brand to endorse its tomato brands Honey Tomato and JOYN.
By building a brand based on taste experience we were able to establish an emotional connection with the consumers through design.

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Winner Pentawards
ADCN Nomination
Dutch Marketing Award nomination

Broekema Logo

"The world's leading producer and innovator in agricultural conveyor belts"

Broekema has been developing and producing top-quality conveyor belts for more than 60 years. This Groningen-based pioneering company has now evolved into a worldwide specialist in custom-made applications for agriculture, fishing, and industry.

The firm exports 90% of its products to no fewer than 40 countries. Broekema enjoys an international reputation on account of its technological innovations, its outstanding service, and the reliability of its supplies. That’s good for customers, good for the economy, and good for the environment. It’s not without good reason that Americans say, “Ask for Broekema.”

Based on their future mission and premium ambition we developed a powerful brand strategy for Broekema. We have translated this strategy into an appropriate web strategy and concept. Further, we have also converted the brand strategy to Broekema’s packaging materials. Within the corporate structure of Jager group, Broekema is now a nice showcase of the value of brand design.

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FoodValley logo

"Innovation for our future of food caught on camera"

Strong photography as part of the visual identity will represent your business and make your brand stand out.

For Foodvalley we created an unique visual language in line with their brand ambition to rapidly create future proof foodsystems. We selected images for different purposes, levels and thematic, delivering an image gallery with a broad range of use and a recognizable strong photography style.

What did we do?

About Brandnew

At Brandnew we believe in the power of the brand. Not just any brand but a strong iconic brand with a sharp positioning and differentiating profile. Whether it’s about growth, internationalization, mergers or margin we know where we can add value for your brand. We are highly experienced in the agricultural sector and we can make a difference on both B2B or B2C profiles. Want to know more about how we can help to grow your business?  We’re just one phonecall away!