We create eye candy!

Building futureproof category leadership

The confectionery & candy category is a battlefield.  A crowded place with lots of visual noise.

To create order out of chaos it’s our job to focus, keep it simple, create absolute stand-out visibility and above all; don’t compete excel.

That’s where Brandnew comes in, to explore with you new directions for your brand where you stand out in what you do best.

Discover our iconic candy cases

Johnny Doodle

The name is Doodle. Johnny Doodle!

United Biscuits | Sultana


Wilhelmina Pepermunt

A fresh taste sensation
with a royal touch.


Bullets with magnificent experience
and impressive explosion of flavor.

About Brandnew

At Brandnew we believe in the power of the brand. Not just any brand but a strong iconic brand with a sharp positioning and differentiating profile. Whether it’s about growth, internationalization, mergers or margin we know where we can add value for your brand. We are highly experienced and we can make a difference on both B2B or B2C profiles.

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