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Brands are and need to be living identities

Clear – in how we work
We help brands lead the way. By never losing track of the brand’s desired positioning and always incorporating custom created brand strategies. Yes, packaging design is and has been our forte for quite a while now, but we’ve long since broadened our horizon. We are brand specialists, with our expertise covering all brand design touch points. From brand to visual to corporate identity, retail and logo design and digital activation. From customer insights all the way to implementation and brand management.

We see brand design as a business fundamental. Our process approach asks for longer commitment. With the same interests at stake, committed to creating value. Together. Like any brand or personality, change is a given and perpetual. That’s why the Brand Core is our anchor and our continuum, while all else is fluid and about creating impact on purpose & profit. We go beyond.

Brandnew. It’s not just who we are, it’s what we deliver.

Brand Design as a journey

We use brand design as a strategic element to create business impact. Even more so, design is our tool to anything brand related. Of course, we own the top five expertises; packaging design (one of our first loves), logo design, brand design, retail design and of course digital design.

What makes us stand out from the crowd however, is our learning, iterative and adaptive approach. To stay ahead in this ever-changing market, brands are and need to be agile and create living identities. This asks for a new solution, where brand design becomes a journey. The Brand Journey being adaptive, learning, iterative, perpetual and steering. Giving your brand full control to change the narrative. To be and stay futureproof, we actively develop new collaboration models together with clients. Innovation and courage travel well together.