Yespers Packaging & Identity

A brand

that connects

No ‘buts’, only ‘ands’

Yespers Packaging & Identity

Yespers. New nature.

The day that two entrepreneurs, Stefan and Patrick, stept into our office it was immediately clear; these dutch men wanted to shake up the system. Both experienced in their own field, agriculture and science, had the intention to bring Dutch tradition into the now. Don’t ever say ‘can’t do’. And there was a new challenger brand born.

Yespers is a brand that preach sustainability within the whole chain of suppliers even before it became a trend. Taking steps to reduce foodprint and fight foodwaste. All framed in a socially and inclusive company. To capture all this Brandnew came up with the creative idea; But becomes &.

The name Yespers (Brandnew came up with) was the perfect fit within our dutch design tradition of less is more. Or should we say less is impact. Firm and absolutely  A fresh colour palet and a beautiful ownable photograph portraying the elastic band around the main ingredients of their first product; a veggie and fruit spread. The unique carton label emphasise the sustainable goal of the company. The brand and product was rewarded in the design industry for an outstanding performance. Pushing design to the max and therefore being impactfull in every level


Gold ADCN Award