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Reinventing Sultana

United Biscuits Sultana


The Netherlands’ most famous snack, Sultana. Who hasn’t grown up with it? There was always a pack accompanying you on your journeys: to school, soccer, and when traveling. But a ‘tussendoortje’, that sounds almost bothersome, that’s not what Sultana is about? It’s about energy, enjoyment, flavor, and especially a moment to recharge. So, it’s more of a pleasant interruption, actually. Our mission was clear: we are going to transform Sultana into a proud and vibrant brand again, with healthy cues and a higher-quality finish. The biscuits stand proudly on the shelf, supported by natural ingredients.

Brand Strategy  |  Logo Design  |  Corporate Identity  |  Visual Identity  |  Tone of Visual  |  Packaging Design


Creative Idea

The pleasant interruption (De prettige onderbreking).
Sultana is here to wake you up. Vibrant, carefree, and proud, we are here to stay!



• FruitBiscuits core growing again after 12 years of decline
• 2% growth market share within core segment
• Attraction new shoppers to core segment (penetration +1,3%)
• New / additional listings for Spelt & Quinoa and Just Good range
• 88% of consumers enthusiastic about new designs (poll 58k consumers)
• Just Good design shared as best practice within Pladis Global & compliments from Global Marketing Director