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Diageo – Serengeti


Serengeti Premium Lager beer is a true Tanzanian beer. We wanted to restore credibility and equity of the brand to ensure long-term sustainable growth.The positive mentality and belief that tomorrow will be better than today characterizes the Tanzanian people and gave us the inspiration to redesign the brand to a proud icon of the nation and its inhabitants.After tackling Serengeti Premium Lager, we introduced a Lite Lager and a Zero alcohol one in order to rejuvenate the brand as a whole.

Logo Design  |  Packaging Design

Creative Idea

The brand’s icon, a leopard, being a nocturnal creature primarily active from dusk till dawn, inspired us to craft a dark and contrasting backdrop in which it would truly shine. With the golden sun emerging behind its silhouette, the leopard gazes proudly upon the Serengeti.

The color scheme of black and gold, which holds significant cultural significance to the Tanzanian people, was also integrated into the overall look and feel


• Serengeti back to growth in sales
• Serengeti Premium Lite has taken the market by storm (372% higher sales versus plan)