King Kumpir Potaé


by nature

From traditional street snack to an international fast food franchise

King Kumpir Potaé


Potaé is a fast food franchise with the ambition to become an international player. Specialising in traditional street snacks from Turkey; kumpir and falaffel. Their approach to mix up generous mediterranian hospitality in a clean, modern and welcoming setting helped them to become local heroes with a product driven brand name (King Kumpir). 

They approached us to take it to the next level. Ready to take over the world.

Brand Strategy  |  Logo Design  |  Corporate Identity  |  Visual Identity  |  Tone of Visual  |  Retail Design


Starting with a brand new name that has international allure, we worked from logo to visual identity all the way through to the retail formula. Transforming it into a cohesive, recognisable and bold fast good brand. Without losing their heritage out of sight.

A big driver of the identity was the slow paced baking versus the fast paced mashing of the potatoes. Using the technique and dynamic of the mashing to produce a bold streetwise logo. While accentuating the slow paced dedication and craftsmanship with a special podia for the cast iron baking ovens in the shops.

A fresh and bold palette of colours and materials were paired with warm textures to create both an on-the-go area and a cosy dining area.

Next to that the ownable food identity we’ve created gives great taste appeal, which is showcased in all communication items and the instore menu.