Yamamotoyama Nitro-T

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Disrupting the tea market

Yamamotoyama Nitro-T


Is this tea? Is it free of alcohol? It appears to be the most stylish cocktail you’ve ever laid eyes on…
Nitro-T presents a range of nitrogen-infused flavored iced teas, resulting in a delightful creamy froth atop each glass. This innovative creation belongs to a unique category of its own. Nitro-T is here to astonish and captivate through its culinary adventures.

Logo Design  |  Packaging Design


Creative Idea

Seeking to distance ourselves from traditional tea imagery, yet avoiding the soda aesthetic, we crafted a visual identity that seamlessly combined intricacy with contemporary flair.The beverage’s layered composition served as our inspiration, influencing us to incorporate these elements into the artwork, forging a cohesive and compelling visual theme across the entire range.


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Als we hier wat kunnen zeggen over  het design ofzo. Disruptor etc.
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Bronze Pentaward

Winner Bronze Pentawards 2022