Looye Kwekers Packaging


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Europe’s first premium tomato brand

Looye Kwekers Packaging


From a house of brands to a branded house. 2021 marked the beginning of a new step for Looye Kwekers. After the successful introduction of the brands Honingtomaten and Joyn, it was now time to place the family feeling and, especially, the main brand Looye Kwekers more prominently on the packaging. The premium appearance and taste appeal were essential, as well as an evolutionary upgrade in design.

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We have established more brand prominence by not only linking Looye and the proposition visually, which is a significant step, but also by introducing a ‘holding shape,’ The Arch. Together with Looye’s crown, it represents the silhouette of a classic tomato. The ‘negative space’ that is created acts as a strong visual focal point and a recognizable recurring element that connects the propositions.

Naturally, this also creates space for the graphics, which, represent the flavor pallete and taste sensations associated with the proposition. The rich, dark tones, alongside the unique packaging shape, contribute to the premium appearance of the propositions.

This concept has then been translated into various packaging forms and carriers for each propositions.