Akzonobel – Jozo


A pinch of love


Jozo. Mastergrinder.

Salt has lost it’s meaning. Once crucial for food preservation, and essential, valuable ‘partner’ in daily life, it has evolved into a low interest food ingredient, which is increasingly banned from our daily meals.

JOZO was and is determined to re-establish the appreciation and value of its salts. It wants to escape the commodity market and become a true value brand (again).

JOZO realized that a complete rethinking of the brand positioning and brand strategy would be needed to start the redesign process. And that is exactly what we did. Starting with the 3D packaging as a white canvas, JOZO asked us to develop design that would communicate close to 90 years of expertise and love for salt. 


Jozo has mastered the sourcing, purification and crystallisation of salt since 1929. Salt that comes from the best sources nature has to offer.
Jozo is the Mastergrinder. His expertise and craftsmanship were the starting point for the new Jozo.

On consumer level, only few know about the power of salt and its ability to enhance the taste of ingredients beyond just adding saltiness. Furthermore, one size of salt does not fit all meals: it’s the source, shape and size of a salt grain that determines the actual flavour impact. In the new design, these elements come together in a combination of colour, pattern, grid size and storytelling with visual elements. They help consumers select the right salt to make the best out of their meals.

The visual ID represents the unique shape of salt crystals and was inspired by the dodeca√ęder. The crystal became our identity, the pattern our visual style. The crystal has an octagonal shape, which links nicely to the 8 different grind sizes Jozo offers. It holds a central place in all brand expressions, reinforcing the Jozo brand and its expertise as master grinder. In the end we created a holistic Jozo reality (packaging, ads, brand movie, displays, website, social) full of wonderful and contagious design elements.


Winner Bronze Pentaward 2017