Johnny Doodle


to be real

Man with a mission

Johnny Doodle

Johnny Doodle. Born to be real.

What would you do when you pick up the phone and this intriguing question pops up … ;
‘We bought a chocolate company, wanna jump in?’

Of course the answer is yes. So we started to created a new kid on the block from scratch. Creating a strategy and working on a visual style. Name; Johnny Doodle. A new kid with a lot of potential in a traditional sleepy chocolate market. 

Up to Brandnew to create a maximum brand preference. Built on impact and taste. Therefore there is a need of a strong brand personality. Off- and online building a community of ambassadors of chocolate lovers. Among other things with his foodtruck Johnny is present at festivals to spread the joy of good chocolate is Johnny not only sharing a lovely product but also his strong belief of being independent. His motto; Born to be real. To help to reveil all this the logo and style was born. The megaphone. 

The paper wrap was designed backwards. The inside (not coated) became the commercial outside of the product just in black and white. We decorated and crafted it with a lot of detail and fun. The outside became a more serious inlay where we enhanced the more valuable and serious things about Joynny’s impact on the production chain of chocolate and the honest pricing for the farmers in Ghana. That’s so Johnny.


Winner Gold Pentaward 2016