A journey towards brilliance

When cool becomes brilliant



Hoshizaki Corporation, founded in 1947 is a global leader in refrigerant market with over 13.000 employees and availability in over 100 countries. With a strong focus on reliability, durability and energy efficiency the brand has build an international reputation for high quality, well-designed products.

The Challenge

Thirteen years ago, Gram from Denmark has been acquired and added to the group. This merger married Japanese high-tech engineering with the sophistication of Danish design, a very strong combination. As the premium market leader in ice makers the goal is become the premium market leader in the overall category of cooling with a one brand strategy for the entire EMEA market. An integral approach with branding, marketing and communication to support this strategic decision.

When cool becomes brilliant

When you want to build a strong one brand strategy it all starts with defining the brand itself. The heritage, their DNA, the USP’s and of course the brand promise itself. Based on our interviews, workshops, and findings we created their brand story and a brand book which captures the core and spirit of Hoshizaki. Based on this foundation we worked our way towards the visual identity and marketing audiences. The biggest insight was that in the rather static where everyone looks the same and talks about refrigerators, we would like to focus on the end user and their relation to the equipment. Because working with the best possible equipment helps you to perform better as a professional.

The consumer focus instead of product focus has the aim of making the professionals feel that Hoshizaki understands them and their challenges, creating in this way empathy and so trust. Whether it’s a bar, bakery, restaurant, or hotel, we make you perform better. Based on the Japanese precision, craftsmanship & dedication we created the brand spirit; When cool becomes brilliant.

Our results

In todays fragmented market Hoshizaki now offers a full integral range of premium products for the whole cooling category. The first ranges are being brought to market in a new unified look & feel with a strong brand message and unique marketing approach.

The Brilliant Book

The Brilliant Book is Hoshizaki’s brand book, setting up the new company values, mission, vision and ambition. The book takes the reader towards the journey that Hoshizaki took from product focused to customer intimacy, though a new strategy, visual and photographic style, and overall conceptual communication approach.

A extensive manual of the Hoshizaki communication elements

Side by side to theBrilliant Book we developed also a manual to ensure consistency in Hoshizaki’s new look and feel throughout all possible brand applications.

A full set of communication tools

Once the rebranding of Hoshizaki has been completed we started developing a set of communication tools to start spreading out the new image and communicating to dealers and end users the great change that Hoshizaki has gone through and present in a new way it’s range of products and services.


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Product brochures

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