An empathic brand campaign

We keep it cool, you make it brilliant.



Hoshizaki Corporation, founded in 1947 is a global leader in refrigerant market with over 13.000 employees and availability in over 100 countries. With a strong focus on reliability, durability and energy efficiency the brand has build an international reputation for high quality, well-designed products.

The Challenge

After redesigning the overall brand image of Hoshizaki we were asked to spread around not only the new image but also the new approach towards customers, creating empathy and making them feel Hoshizaki really understands their daily challenges and is there to support them.

We keep it cool, you make it brilliant.

In order to clarify and reinforce the new brand payoff ‘When cool becomes brilliant’ we came up with the campaign claim ‘We keep it cool, you make it brilliant’, which is exactly what happens every day in our clients’ work space: we are the one making sure that all the product they use stay fresh in our cooling equipments, they are the ones that with their mastery have the ability to transform the fresh ingredients into something brilliant!

The message was adjusted for all out four target groups (restaurants, quick service restaurants, bars, hotels) to be even closer to what they do every day, and we adapted the copy to all the six countries (Netherlands, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain) where the campaign went online.


Our results

Regardless the very limited budget the campaign caught a lot of attention, about four times more than expected. And, despite the fact that what we did was a brand campaign and not a product campaign, many people contacted Hoshizaki also to ask for quotes about their products.

The execution

The campaign was executed producing four different videos (one per target group) spread out  on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google and DV360, plus web banners in several formats. All of them where taking the viewers to the Hoshizaki campaign landing pages (again, one for each target group).