Superunie G’woon


up retail

A unique approach too a private label

Superunie – G’woon

Gwoon. Shaking up retail.

When you’re asked to create a new brand there’s always a sense of excitement. When that new brand has to replace 3 private labels that are currently sold at 13 retail formats in The Netherlands the excitement only grows. As does the amount of challenges you face. But never one to shy away from a good challenge Brandnew set out to create a brand that shakes up nearly every category. A brand that connects and actually touches consumers. A brand that doesn’t just represent 13 retail formats, but one that belongs to us all. A social and flexible brand that moves effortlessly between categories, products and trends. That brand became G’woon. 



We were convinced that there was room for a new brand and a new kind of feeling in the supermarket. A brand that is close to the people, a regular at every meal and a reliable partner in any kitchen. A brand that celebrates the everyday moments of joy and happiness that we sometimes tend to overlook. 

The imagery used is simple and iconic. It’s recognizable, human and therefore fits the everyday feel of the brand. Clarity is key, which is why the product descriptions feature prominently on the packaging. The color palette is bright and cheerful. 

The copy is clear and concise: it’s helpful, to the point and puts a smile on your face. The brand name G’woon easily blends in with both design and copy. The design team was told to let go of the idea of designing for specific packaging. They were given the freedom to design with outdoor posters in mind because these also need to be attention grabbing and have the perfect balance between copy and image. As a result there’s no fixed position of the logo or brand name in any of the designs. It’s placed almost at random, hidden in a catchy sentence or witty copy. There’s no grid and this results in a unique range of packaging that speaks for itself.

By using strong images and sharp but loving observations about the Dutch households that use G’woon products we managed to create a brand that fits in every home.