Damen Yachting – Amels

The rebirth

of a modern


A full 360 degree rebranding 

Damen Yachting – Amels


Confident and sophisticated, Amels Yachts are timeless classics built by Damen Yachting, Dutch Master Yacht builders who stem from a pedigree stretching back over one hundred years.

Desired by many but only obtainable by the fortunate few. The Amels World is not a crowded place. Befitting their owners, Amels yachts project natural grace and elegant style, bound together in luxurious comfort.

Amels is driven by one central goal: to enable customers to focus on thoroughly enjoying the time spent with family and friends. Time for them to create unforgettable memories and forge ever stronger bonds with one another.

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to work on a brand with such stature. Proudly developing a futureproof strategy and a full 360 degrees integral visual identity for one of the biggest luxury yacht builders in the world. 

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Masters of Time

Even though there are many differences in character of those who arepart of this Amels world, one thing joins them all, their collective realisation that time is what they value most.

Amels offers you the opportunity to take time into your own hands. And use it in whichever way you want to.
On your own terms. So you can have unique experiences that you create yourself. For today’s special moments are tomorrow’s memories. Make them last a lifetime.

A modern classic

The new Amels logo is iconic and minimalistic with a natural refined feminine grace and elegant style. Subtly layered to depict and reflect bow, waves, and the multiple deck design.

On a more symbolic level, the logo also combines the three layers of past, present, and future.

Branding variations

Besides the new logo we also created the Brand Emblem. To be able to break up and diversify in fully branded environments. It’s a subtle brand asset and acts as a seal of craftsmanship which builds on heritage and trust.

Brand Book

Presenting the Amels story and the brand spirit Masters of Time in a luxury finished linnen brand book. Based on the 3 dimensions of time; past, present and future, each with their own paper quality, we bring all of the brand values to life through high quality visuals, subtle luxury finishes and tactile choices. 

Brand book VIP Casing

This handmade luxury casing fully covered in off-white linnen and gold foil debossed details,
from which only a 100 were made, holds an ammonite and the Brand Book of Amels.
Leaving enough space to carry the 2 brochures of the Amels 60 & 80 as well.
The Ammonite symbolises the constant evolution and seamless adaptation to their surroundings.
Knowing that only time can sculpt icons.

Monaco Yacht show

At the prestigious Monaco Yacht Show 2022 the new identity was presented to the public.
With the website live already this was a big moment as the 3D facade, the brand movie, multiple brochures, surfboards and other merchandise completed the first appearance of the new VI.

Further translations of the visual identity on brochures, the brand book light and custom notebooks with the brand story inside. All in line with the visual identity and the core values of the brand.